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per slide ($18 min.)

per slide ($18 min.)

per slide ($18 min.) 

2100 dpi

3600 dpi

5000 dpi

(2800 x 1867 pixels)*

(4800 x 3200 pixels)*

 (6667 x 4444 pixels)*

* Approximate final picture size     

Add 50 cents per slide for our “Pro Package” (uncompressed TIFF w/48 bit color)

There is no reason to put off converting those 35-mm slides to the latest digital format.  Access Video & Photo Services will make it easy while using advanced professional equipment and skilled technicians to do the job right.  Why spend days, weeks or months slaving over a home slide scanner for results that are often less than ideal?  Our transfer service includes:

  • Professional Quality Scans
    • Up to 5000 dpi – enough detail for 12”x18” enlargements
    • Up to 48-bit color (or 16-bit B/W) when TIFF file option chosen
    • Wide dynamic range (Dmax 3.8) so less detail is “lost in the shadows”
    • Precision lenses and optics ensure a true & accurate scan
    • Exposure level automatically adjusted prior to scanning
    • Both original scan and color corrected image copies provided
  •  Image Correction with Digital ICE3 for color slides about Digital ICE
    • Automatic scratch and dust removal (very critical on slides)
    • Automatic color adjustment for slides with faded or shifted colors
    • Film grain reduction available (used only if requested) 
  •  All Images Prepared for Printing (or Sharing):
    • Photos rotated to correct orientation (when possible)
    • Digitally cropped to remove black from top & bottom (landscape pictures) or sides (portrait pictures). 
    • High-quality JPEG files recorded to DVD data disc. (TIFF also available)
    • Files on DVDs named to maintain order and grouping (details below)
    • All DVDs custom labeled (printed – no stick-ons) for easy organization
    • Additional DVD copies are just $6.00 per DVD for sharing or safekeeping

All work done in-house:
Some companies ship slides all over the world for processing to keep their costs low.  Your slides will never leave our site for processing.  And while they are here, we take care of them as if they were our own irreplaceable memories.

Slide Organization:
We can work with you to maintain the organization of your pictures.   We’ll name the files on the DVD(s) based on their order in the carousels/trays you bring us.  For example, if you have 140 slides in a tray or box marked “1976 Vacation”, the scans for those slides will be named “1976 Vacation_Slide0001” to “1976 Vacation_Slide0140”.  Please note that custom file naming is limited to groups of 72 slides or more.  Smaller groups should be bundled into large groups if custom naming is desired.  File name customization is also limited to 36 characters or less (prior to “_SlideXXXX”).

About Our Three DPI Options:
The entry-level 2100 dpi option provides a good quality scan that will fill most computer screens when displayed “actual size”.  The picture from a typical 35mm slide will be roughly 2800 x 1867 pixels in size and can be printed up to 6”x 8” (at 300 dpi or more.)  Zooming of the picture on a computer screen will typically not add much detail.

The mid-level 3600 dpi option provides an excellent scan that captures most of the detail available in a typical 35mm slide.  The picture will be roughly 4800 x 3200 pixels in size and can be printed up to 10” x 15” (at 300 dpi or more.)   Zooming on a computer screen can be used to see more detail in the picture – up to about 2X-3X on a typical HD screen.

The top-level 5000 dpi option provides an ultra high-resolution scan that captures virtually every detail of even professionally-shot 35mm slides.  The picture will be roughly 6667 x 4444 pixels in size and can be printed up to 14”x 21” (at 300 dpi or more).  Zooming on a computer screen can be used to see more detail in the picture – up to about 4X-5X.

Our “PRO Package” is an additional-cost option that may be added – typically to 5000 dpi scans.  With this option, uncompressed TIFF files are provided in place of the normal JPG files.  These TIFF files also provide 48 -bit color depth for use in professional level work in place of the normal 24-bit color.  Digital ICE / Infrared Cleaning may also be turned off upon request.  Note:  We do not recommend this option for the average home user due to the file sizes and the high level of hardware/software required to benefit from this option.  A 5000 dpi uncompressed 48-bit scan of a 35mm slide creates a file approximately 175 MB in size.  As such, only 24 scans will fit on a DVD data disc.  For large scan quantities, a large flash drive or portable hard drive may be needed to transport the files.

Color Enhancement:
Access Video provides automatic color correction to scanned slide images to adjust for color dyes that have shifted or faded over time.  This cannot completely “fix” all slides but significantly improves the look of most slides .  We also recognize that some photo scenes can “confuse” the color correction software, such as sunsets that make everything orange, or shots taken with a color filter to achieve a special look.  For that reason, Access Video provides both the original and color corrected image of all scans to our customers.  You will receive the original scans plus a directory of files with color correction applied.  This way, our customers can use whichever slide image looks better to them, or use the original scan to make their own adjustments in their favorite photo editing software.

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For our Local Customers:

If you are in Austin, or nearby, you don’t have to worry about shipping or even removing the slides from those stacks of carousels. Just bring them all in and we’ll do the rest. We’ll organize the files and directories on the DVD(s) based on the order and boxes (or carousels / trays) you bring us. So if you have your slides sorted and organized, that work won’t be lost in the transfer. If not, they’ll be a lot easier to organize once they are transferred.


MINIMUM ORDER:  All prices are per slide with a minimum slide transfer order of $18.00 before any applicable tax or shipping charges.

SLIDES SCANNED:  We currently transfer 35-mm slides in typical 2” x 2” cardboard and plastic mounts.   For other sizes, see below.

GLASS MOUNTS:  Thicker 2” x 2” glass mounts can usually be scanned but must be separated from other slides for scanning.
METAL HOLDERS:  Cardboard or plastic mounts that have been installed inside metal holders must be removed from the outer metal holders.  (Film must remain in the inner 2” x 2” plastic or cardboard mounts.)  There is an extra fee if you wish Access Video staff to remove the metal holders.

FILM SIZES:  Slide film in sizes other than “135” (35mm) will also be scanned as long as it is in 2” x 2” mounts as above.  “110” & “126” will be cropped to viewable film size. 

SUPERSLIDES:  “Superslides” (46mm x 46mm film size with a 39mm x 39mm viewable area when mounted) will also be scanned but the outer edges will be cropped to 37mm x 37mm and the outer corners will not be scanned due to the limitations of the 35mm scanner used.  If you prefer we not transfer any “Superslides” that may be mixed with your 35mm slides, please let us know at the time the order is placed.

NO ADJUSTMENTS OPTION:  For those who prefer to do their own image editing, optimization or enhancement, we can turn off any or all of the automatic adjustments (such as infrared cleaning, exposure, gamma, & color) made in our system.

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